Logistics and services


In our condition of Customs Transport Agents, we have representative in Patagonian cities for logistic and customs documentation for transport, entry and exit of merchandise from and to Special Customs Area (SCA).

  • Rental of 4×4 Toyota vehicles, double cabin with ABS and airbag, covering all the safety standards and requirements of the oil industry.
  • Trips services between cities and personnel transport with experienced drivers and qualified under the Argentinian Oil and Gas Institute ( IAPG in Spanish) – according to local producers requirements – with defensive, wintry and gravel driving.
  • Charter flights for cargo and/or passengers to any part of the country or bordering countries.
  • Recruitment of personnel for onshore and off shore oil tasks.
  • Procedures in official organism, for embarking and disembarking of argentinian and foreign personnel.
  • Embarking and disembarking coordination.
  • Purchases.
  • House and office trailers and all the related to oil industry.
  • Meet and assist for argentinian and foreign personnel (Includes hotel reservation, passage).
  • Trip services with 4×4 vehicles and minibuses.
  • Safety and hygiene services.
  • Assistance and inspections by account and order of liquidators.